The Canon of Dejiao 德教心典Dejiao Xindian


(Part 1)祝香辭Incense Prayer


缕缕 清香 绕 聖空

Wisps of fragrant smoke coiling and floating towards heaven.


香绕 聖空 神 人通

When the fragrant smoke reaches heaven the deities know that some human beings on earth are praying to them.



The communication between the deities and human beings is through responsive feeling of human hearts.



The incense burnt by the devotes ascends to heaven.



We pledge allegiance to all the deities who reside on the clouds and the island. (chant the eulogies three times)


(Part 2)起讚Scripture



Since the creation of the world with the separation of Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon have become supreme; and “De Jiao Xin Dian” can be likened to the sun and the moon which gave us light.



The immense force of the five elements operates in coordination in the universe.



The virtue of “Xuan Min Gao Shang Di” fills the whole world and gives life to all living things.



Let us cultivate the purity of our natural self in order to establish our close relation of wisdom with the deities.



We are respectfully inviting “Mu De Xing Jun” of the East and the deities of the Eastern region.



We are respectfully inviting “Huo De Xing Jun” of the South and the deities of the Southern region.



We are respectfully inviting “Tu De Xing Jun” of the Middle region and the deities of the Middle region.



We are respectfully inviting “Jing De Xing Jun” of West and the deities of the Western region.



We are respectfully inviting “Shui De Xing Jun” of the North and the deities of the Northern region.



We are respectfully inviting all the buddhas and deities of the “Dedeshe”


(Parts 3)经文Scripture


“Noble Emperor of heaven, Jade Emperor, Might Noble One of Heaven” when he ascended the throne of “Yuhuang” Before reciting the Scripture, “Yuhuang”s holy title is mentioned as a mark of respect.



He is kindly concerned for the world at the end of the kalpa.



He extends His benevolence to humanity by spreading His great teachings.



He will save human beings from suffering and misfortune; He will rescue all living things.


众善子教部离德 德不离心

All pious followers, “Dejiao” cannot be separated from “de” (virtue) ; “de” cannot be separated from practice.



Good nature is predestined, and all believers must follow the original good nature in order to attain truth.



Therefore our conduct must adhere to the following six commandments.


不欺 不为 不贪 不妄 不骄 不怠

Keep away from cheating; keep away from falsehood; keep away from greed; keep away from rashness; keep away from arrogance; and keep away from laziness.



Then there will be no evil spirits in this world.



There will be no mutual encroachment .There will be no more quarrels and unjustifiable litigations.



Every human heart is by nature as innocent as people in the ancient time. It is this essence of purity that must be preserved as the spirit.


水火刀兵 不见災疫疾厄不遇

Flood, fire and war will then disappear; disaster, epidemic, sickness and suffering will also vanish.



People will live peacefully, happily and contentedly; their thinking will also be pure and spotless.



The holy scripture must be constantly read and studied in order to attain enlightenment, wisdom, buddhahood and immortality.



The heart will then be free from anxiety and the body at ease; the whole family will enjoy peace and tranquility.



Thus noble position will be given by the deities; and good luck be bestowed.



The utmost faith will have nothing to do with material desire; the excellence of faith is the essence of devotion.



The teaching of Dejiao is the truth, and the deities will only be touched by the piety of the believers.


南无大慈大悲伏魔大帝 德德至上古佛玉皇大天尊(三稱)

We pledge allegiance to “Daci Dabei Fumo Dadi Dedeshe Zhishang Gufo Yuhuang Datianzun ”(Chant the eulogies three times.)


(Part 4) 收经辭 (Epilogue



“Yuhuang Datianzun”, His righteousness fills heaven and earth.



His loyalty is as glorious as the bright sun.



He established the teaching of great virtues as the foundation of Dejiao.



He hopes that this scripture will reach all human beings in the world.



So that all the devotees will be able to go to paradise and together enjoy the heavenly bliss.



We pledge allegiance to all the buddhas and deities of Dedeshe (Chant the eulogies three times.)


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