德教四大崇旨 The Four Principal Objectives




Those who are dedicated to the study and cultivation of upright and kind character by various approaches and, at the same time to the promotion of the truth of Dejiaohui for the benefit of humanity in their practice and daily life, will always feel elated and contented spiritually and this will lead them to a state of perfect intelligence through self-realization.


(1).    To believe in the Holy Sages of the five principal religions namely, Taoism,      
Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

(2).    To Carry out educational activities with the object of guiding the people towards
benevolence and high morality, and teaching them to cultivate their character and.                                    
the   " dao"

(3).    To organize social charity and welfare works with a view to relieving the people                
in poverty and distress.

(4).    To work for the welfare of the members of "De Jiao" society and to instill  in them
A congenial passion for building up morality.


1.  Xiao            :  Filial piety.

2.  Di.                :  Brotherly love and respect.

3.  Zhong.          :  Loyalty and faithfulness.

4.  Xin.               :  Faith and sincerity.

5.  Li.                 :  Courtesy

6.  Yi.                 :  Righteousness

7.  Lian.              :  Integrity and honesty

8.  Chi.               :  Realisation of shame

9.  Ren.B            :  Benevolince

10.  Zhi.               :  Wisdom.


1. Buqi.            :   Keep away from cheating.

2. Buwei.          :  keep away from falsehood.

3. Butan           :  keep away from greed.

4. Buwang.       :  keep away from recklessness.

5. Bujiao.          :  keep away from arrogance

6. Budai.           :  keep away from laziness.

7. Buyuan.        :  keep away from spitefulness.

8. Buwu.           :  keep away from hatred.


1.  To follow the religion of "De jiao " one must adhere to de ( morality); and to practise      
morality, one must be sincere.

2.  Cheat not and fake not;  Do not be covetous; do not be presumptuous. Do not be arrogant;
Do not be insolent.

3.  do not encroach each other's rights. D not be involed in recrimination and litigation.

4.  Hold fast to your will to stay clean; Enjoy the bliss of contentedness.

5.  Be a kind father and a filial son; Be an affectionate elder brother and a respectful        
younger brother. Be a righteous husband while a wife should be obedient.

6.  Abstain from liquor, licentiousness, gambling and smoking.

7.  Set yourself to the task of practicing dao and you will be remembered in posterity.

Look at every one equally,
Irrespective of whether rich or poor, noble or low.


1.   Filial Piety 孝

The first virtue is filial piety
The bounties bestowed by parents are as great as the mountain.
We should therefore take care of them day and night.
And the most important thing of all is to make them happy.

2.   Brotherly  Love 悌

The second virtue is called brotherly love,
Brothers and sisters should live in harmony,
They should always consult each other and also encourage each other,
And we also must treat our friends and relatives like our own brothers.

3.   Loyalty。忠

The third virtue is known as loyalty
We should love our people and our country
We must be conscientious in performing our duties
Let us build a strong and prosperous nation.

4.   Sincerity。信

The fourth virtue is known as sincerity
Deal with others with sincerity
What has been promised must always be kept
A promise is worth a thousand pieces of gold.

5.   Courtesy。礼

The fifth virtue is courtesy
Protecting the young and respecting the aged in an expression of courtesy.
Be humble and respectful
Courtesy will please everybody.

6.   Justice。义

The sixth virtue is justice
Fairness and unselfishness are important
Help those in need ; be generous in charity
Don't be arrogant; don't flatter those in authority; but just follow the truth.

7.   Honesty 廉

The seventh virtue is honesty
Everyone should keep his heart pure, untarnished by material desire
Be pure; live a simple and pure life.
Be satisfied with what we have and be as happy as immortals.

8.   Sense Of Shame 耻

The eighth virtue is the sense of shame
Don't be tempted by wealth and sex
Understand what is right and what is wrong
A gentlemen will never feel ashamed to correct his mustake.

9.   Humanity。仁

The ninth virtue is humanity
Respect the aged and be generous to the poor
Be careful of gifts from nature and always follow the  path humanity
Benevolence and universal love will always benefit the people.

10. Wisdom  智

The tenth virtue is wisdom
Be interested in the current affairs and try to enrich your knowledge
Differentiate what is good and what is evil
Preach our doctrine to awaken the people so that there will be peace in this world.


1.  Don't Cheat : don't Be False   不欺, 不伪

Don't cheat others, don't be false
Say what you really mean
Truth must never be twisted
Words and deeds must never contradict each other.

2.   Don't Be Greedy ; Don't Be Preposterous. 不贪, 不妄

Don't be greedy, and don't be preposterous
Be always satisfied with what you have
A single greedy act will hurt justice
Preposterous act is the root of calamity.

3.   Don't Be Arrogant : Don't be Lazy 不骄, 不怠

Don't be arrogant, don't be lazy
Respect those with authority; be friendly to your subordinates
Be careful in your work
Pragmatism is the aim.

4.  Don't Grumble : Don't Hate Others。不 怨, 不恶

Don't grumble, don't hate others
Life would be very carefree we know how to forgive
Mutual hatred makes both parties miserable
With mutual hatred both would only suffer.



Part  1

Incense Prayer。祝香辞

"Lulu Qing Xiang Tao Shen kong"

Wisps of fragrant smoke coiling and floating towards heaven.

"Xiang rao sheng kong Shen ren tong "

When the fragrant smoke reaches heaven, the deities know that some human beings on earth are praying to them.

" shen ren Xiang tong Wei Xin  Gan "

The communication between the deities and human beings is through responsive feeling of human hearts.

"Xin Gan Xin Xiang hua cang qiong"

The incense burnt by the devotees ascends to heaven

" Namo tian yum hai hui zhu Xian zhen"

We pledge allegiance all the deities who reside on the clouds and the islands.

Part II。 起赞

"Yin yang fen xiao ri yue  zun "

Since the creation of the world with the sepration of Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon have become supreme; and De jiao Xin Dian  Can be  likened to the sun and the moon which give light.

"hun Hun zing he qian kun"

The immense force of the five elements operates in coordination in the universe.

"di de xuan huang can hua yu "

The virtue of  " xuan  min gao Shang di " fills the whole world and gives life to all living things.

" ding li hui yuan xiu zheng gen"

Let us cultivate the purity of our natural self in order to establish our close relation of wisdom with the deities.

"feng Qing"

To invite respectfully.

"dong fang mu de ding jun " 东方木德星君

We are respectfully inviting. "mu de zing jun " of the east and deities of the eastern region.

" feng Qing"

"nan fang. Huo de zing jun" 南方火德星君

We are respectfully inviting "huo de zing jun" of the south and the defies of the Southern region.

"feng Qing "

Zhong yang tu de ding jun " 中央土德星君

We are respectfully inviting " tu de ding jun" of the Middle region and the deities  of the Middle region.

"feng Qing "

" xi fang jin de xing jun " 西方金德星君

We are respectfully inviting " jin de xing jun " of the West and the Derris of the Western region.

" feng Qing"

" bei fang shui de xing jun " 北方水德星君

We are respectfully inviting " shui de xing jun" of the North and the Derris of the Northern region.

" feng Qing "

" de de she zhu fo Xian sun " 德德社诸佛仙尊

We are respectfully inviting all the buddhas and deities of the " De de she"

Part III。 经文

" jing wen". (scripture)

( This is the main text of " De jiao Xin Dian")

" xuan Min Gao Shang  di  Yu huang da tian zun "

According to Dong Ming Bao Ji , in the year of. Jiazi. Guan sheng di jun  was honored with this title which means " Noble Emperor of Heaven, Jade Emperor, Mighty Noble one of Heaven"
When he ascended the throne of yu hang. before reciting the Scripture, Yuhuang's holy title is mentioned as a mark of respect.

" Ci nian Chen tu mo Jie "

He is kindly concerned for the world at the bend of the kappa.

" fa da bei Xin. Yang da jiao hua"

He extends his benevolence to humanity  by spreading his great teachings.

" du yi qie ku e  jiu yi qie cangsheng"

He will save human beings from suffering and misfortune; he will rescue all living things.

" zhong Shan zu, jiao bu li de "

All pious followers, DEJIAO cannot be separated from de ( virtue); de cannot be separated from practice.

" Tian Ming Wei xing shuai  xing gui zhen "

Good nature is predestined, and all believers must follow the original good nature in order to attain truth.

"Shi gu you zhu xing cang"

Therefore our conduct must adhere to the following six commandments.

" bu Qi bu Wei bu tan bu wang bu jiao bu dai "

Keep away from cheating; keep away from falsehood; keep away from greed; keep away from rashness; keep away from arrogance; and keep away from laziness.

" Chen Shi wu mei "

Then there will be no evil spirits in this world.

" wu Qin sun Xiang hai wu Shi fei song rao "

There will be no mutual encroachment. There will be no more quarrels and unjustifiable litigations.

" chi Xin gu pu Ji jing Wei Shen "

Every human heart is by nature as innocent as people in the ancient time. It is this essence of purity that must be preserved as the spirit.

" shui huo dao bing bu jian zau yi Ji e bu yu"

Flood, fir and war will then disappear; disaster, epidemic, sickness and suffering will also vanish.

" tian yu zi de hui zhu Jie jing "

People will live peacefully, happily and contentedly; their thinking will also be pure and spotless.

" Chang chi Sheng Dian. Zheng jue   Kai zhi chao fan hua zhen "

The holy scripture must be constantly read and studied in order to attain enlightenment, wisdom, Buddha hood  and immortality.

" xing guano ti pang jia Shi an Ning"

The heart will then be free from anxiety and the body at ease ; the whole family will enjoy peace and tranquility.

" yi zeng tian jue yi Yao Ji heng "

Thus noble position will be given by the defies; and good luck be bestowed.

" zhi cheng wu wu zhi Miao zhi jing"

The utmost faith will have nothing to do with material desire ; the excellence of faith is the essence of devotion.

" dao hua cheng li qian Gan zhi ling "

The teaching of DEJIAO I'd the truth, and the defies will only be touched by the piety of the believers.

" na mo da Ci da bei Fu mo da di de de she  zhi Shang gu fo yu huang da tian  zun "

We pledge allegiance to daci dabei fume dadi dede she zhishang gu fo yu huang da tian zun
( chant the eulogies three times.)

Part IV。收经辞

Shou jing Ci  ( Epilogue)

"yu huang da tian zun, yi Qi guan qian kun "

Yu huang datian zun, his righteousness fills heaven and earth.

" zhong Xin ru chi ri "

His loyalty is as glorious as the bright sun.

" zi de ding dao xuan "

He established the teaching of great virtues as the foundation of De jiao.

" yuan yi Ci jiao Dian puhua yu Shi jian "

He hopes that this scripture will reach all human beings in the world.

" tong dent Ji le tu ong Ji tian tang huan "

So that all the devotees  will be able to go to paradise band together enjoy the heavenly bliss.

" Namo de de she zhu fo Xian  zun"

We pledge allegiance to all the buddhas and defies of  de de she. ( chant the eulogies three times. )






Heath is the best gain;
Contentment is the best asset.
A trusty friend  is the best kinsman;
Nirvana ( liberation) is the supreme bliss.

没有信仰, 不忠厚,爱欺骗, 不考虑到将来的人, 将可能做出种种邪恶的行为。


A faithless, and dishonest man who has no thought of the afterlife is capable of  all sins.

Those who adhere to the principles of the Dharma, have right attitudes, and true to their words and discharge their duties with responsibility are loved by people.


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